Who Am I as an Executive Coach specialised in Risk-taking

This is where certifications and experience is key

In many areas, the corporate world is failing its employees, from the CEO to the juniors, by obliging them to figure it all out on their own. The smarter ones reach out to a coach and make it happen by dedicating time and resources to their coaching. This is what I did and never looked back.

As an ambitious professional myself, I couldn’t stay oblivious to these failures; I had to figure out the rules of each ‘game’ being played with or without you.

In my 15 years in the corporate world, I witnessed the gaps between what you’re taught and what is expected from you at a senior management level.

Some of us are lucky enough to be managed by true leaders who will push us up and mentor us until we feel comfortable in our position and the way we manage our team to deliver on the bottom line together.

This is the best-case scenario, and unfortunately, it doesn’t often happen as we’re all too busy worrying about our own well-being to realise the people around us also need support.

This brought me to coaching: my passion for listening and decluttering people’s thoughts with empathy and non-judgement to avoid transferring my own fears or limitations.

Bear in mind that I had my fair share of internal politics to navigate during my career in the private sector. I suffered hugely from it until I realised it was wrong (against the law when called bullying) and that nobody should have to go through it. Luckily I was exposed to it when I was about 25 and built resilience from it.

On the bright side, I now deserve to say I have 15+ years of expertise in performance coaching and internal politics.

My curiosity and self-awareness got me interested in business politics instead of simply being oblivious to it. I’ve always been an ambitious professional determined to understand what it takes to reach the next level, which meant I had to figure out the game’s rules.

I give everything I have to lead my team by example, so when someone deliberately throws a spanner in the works, I am immediately on a mission to turn the situation around; however, I also realised that you have to be smart about it.

“Be aware of who you meet on the way up, as they’ll be met on the way down.”

One of my favourite quotes outlines the fact you have to be strategic and cautious when you navigate the corporate world: be smart, not vicious or greedy, as you’ll pay for it in the end.

For me, the political game has always been obvious; however, I realised my clients are not always aware of this vicious ‘game’. They cannot see there’s a different story running parallel. Or when they do: they have no idea how to play or what the rules are.

So, what made me leave the corporate world after 15+ successful years in the fn-tech industry as a business development expert for fast-growing companies? (more details on Linkedin if you wish)

Well, by the end, I was spending 70-80% of my day dealing with internal politics for myself or others.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved it. However, it’s not what I was employed to do (my job was to sign up big contracts with large clients). Furthermore, I always wanted to set up my own business, but I thought it was too risky; not the right time; too expensive; too complicated and so on.

Thanks to my coach, I realised it was down to me to make it happen, the right time was now, and I needed to focus on making it happen as soon as possible.

I decided it was time for me to set up my own practice. My coach helped me identify that I had a unique set of coaching skills to guide clients wishing to reach their peak performance.

On that day, it clicked, and the pieces started to fall into place. I leapt, and I have never regretted it.

I signed up for the best coaching qualifications in the UK to complete the most recognised diplomas, and within nine months, I had both of them passed with distinction and was working with my first clients.

I now support clients like you who want to understand and navigate the business world to master their professional plans and projects.

However, you should know that I’m not for everyone.

  • I keep things real
  • Together we’ll make solid plans towards goals, targets and challenges.
  • I’ll keep you accountable
  • I’ll use a relaxed and respectful tone and offer deep listening to ensure I hear what words can not express and ask the questions that break your thinking cycles
  • I’ll share done-for-you resources between sessions, when relevant and appropriate

My coaching is:

  • Confidential
  • Curious
  • Collaborative
  • Based on feedback to ensure results

Finally, to make you smile and make this page more personal. Here are a few interesting facts about me:

  • I’m British with a French accent and share my life between both countries
  • I’m very committed to my daily run (primarily to enjoy cheese and wine)
  • Most of the time, I can’t pronounce ‘procrastination’ or ‘dehydration’… Worth a try even if I’m getting better at it: practice ;)

I’d love to hear your story to get you to reach your peak performance, so Get in touch.

PS: Still reading? You’ll probably like my style of getting the very best out of my clients.

ICF certified Executive coach with specialisation in Anxiety Coaching through The Coaching Academy. Successfully completed my Executive Coaching certification through Full Circle Global and continually developing my coaching skills through acquiring additional area of expertise to support you better.

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