Our commitment

Our relationship is based on mutual trust, transparency and honesty to lead to your life changing transformation

Your success, as I always reinforce, is based on transparency, trust, and respect from both of us. I have compiled a list of what we will expect from each other, it below forms our agreement.

Confidentiality - As an accredited Coach, I recognise that anything the client shares with me is regarded confidential, whether it is business or personal information. I undertake not to, at any time, (unless required to do so by law see my Privacy Statement), either directly or indirectly, use or disclose any information the client shares with them during their sessions. For further details regarding this please also refer to the Code of Ethics shared separately.

Coaching session policy - Pre-booked coaching sessions last 50-60 minutes or 30 minutes (agreed beforehand). To get the most out of your session allow yourself 5-10 minutes to reach your ideal mindset before the beginning of the session. Be punctual. After 15 minutes your session will be cancelled and you will lose your investment for that session.

Cancellation - Give 24-hour notice to cancel your session. Failure to do so will result in you losing your investment for that appointment.

Between sessions - Unlimited email access to me between sessions and if you have selected the appropriate package, free 15-minute emergency sessions can be arranged between sessions with 24-hour notice (not including weekends or bank holidays).

Termination - My policy is that the minimum coaching journey is 3 months; thereafter our agreement will be considered as on a month by month basis. Meaning that after the initial 3 months is up, the client may cancel at any time - the notice must be given in writing (email or letter).

Optimally tailored coaching journey - For maximum results, aim to have 2 hours of coaching per month, which can be 2 x 1-hour sessions, or 4 x 30-minute sessions or a mix between the two. Coaching sessions must be taken up within the time frame outlined for the selected package, e.g. 6 sessions over 3 months journey, 12 sessions over 6 months journey. Coaching hours: 1st appointment available at 8 AM last one at 7 PM GMT. Sessions are booked in advance. Email access: I always enjoy watching your progress a bit closer so contact me when you wish to. Priority Response: All my clients are VIPs this is why I aim to answer your emails within 24 hours (excluding weekend and bank holidays).


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