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Once we're ready to work together and create your successes, you can start looking into purchasing your first session.

Based on my various clients and their needs, no two sessions are the same. This is the reason why my flexible, made-to-measure approach works for all of them.

My flexible, tailor-made approach includes:

  • Flexibility depending on your location around the globe
  • A mix of face-to-face, video call or phone coaching
  • A tailored approach to suit what life throws at you at any given time
  • Ownership and accountability for your progress
  • No unnecessary touchpoints: once you’re on track with your roadmap we might talk every 1-2 months
  • Always your choices, not mine
  • Last-minute rescheduling due to an unexpected calendar clash guilt-free

In line with the above, my packages are based on a number of sessions rather than programmes. When you’re ready, just choose how many sessions you would like (at the start, I recommend paying as you go).

Now the only question is:
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