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15 Jan 2018

Can you coach anyone?

Can you coach anyone?

The quick and simple answer to this question is no you can’t. Or I should say: ‘No I won’t’ as this is my point of view. One of the first pledge I made to myself when I started my coaching practice: ‘I won’t coach anybody.’ The reason is straightforward, even if I can coach anyone, I won’t be the right coach for everyone. I can’t emphasise enough the importance of finding the right coach for you. You must feel comfortable, understood and safe to achieve.

It does not matter if you are talking about life coaching or business coaching or even if you are looking into your next career. The fundamental behind coaching is that you, as the coachee, have the power is in your hands, don’t expect your coach to give you the answer, it will come from you. The coach is only the enabler to your success. What coaches study behind the scene is how they can make every single person believe in their capabilities by asking them the right questions at the right time. It’s about breaking the thought processes ‘hardwired’ into our day to day life. The coach will also bend those systems to clarify situations, get you to think differently and appreciate the reality from a different angle.

The new angle allows the client to discover new ways forward when the situation seemed stuck. From the first call with your coach, you will benefit from the questioning skills acquired by coaches. Personally, I believe the first few sessions are the most impactful for the client as they realise that coaching will change their life forever. If you have never experienced coaching, you will find this statement overrating, just park it in your head and reflect in due course.

The reason I’m saying that the first two or three sessions with your coach are the most memorable is due to the change that operates in your mind. You’re facing the fact that you the only person responsible for your decisions and reactions and that everything around is what I call ‘noise.’ You always have the choice, and you are the one to blame.

Do you understand why it’s down to you to take the first steps? You have to be ready to own the responsibility. We are not going to talk about your ‘excuses’ such as your boss, your partner or your family. We will talk about you and how you’ll get there. I will make you exceed what success means to you as soon as you’re ready to take on the grand challenge. You’re still reading so I can safely say that whatever your definition of success is today, I will guide you through the steps and be your number one supporter all the way no matter how many times you change direction. There is not one way to your success but your way!

The requirements are ambition, honesty and commitment. You have all of them, don’t waste any more time get coached.

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Time to leverage your worth!