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what it takes
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Performance is not being successful: it’s believing you have more to explore and are ready to find this path.
Unlike what you’ve naturally done until now: working harder and longer hours is not a sustainable or efficient way to increase performance.
If you’re here it’s become you recognise you have blind spots. By definition, these blind spots require and outside eye to pinpoint. This is how coaching starts, you tell me what you want to improve, and I apply my experience and expertise to identify what slowed you down and of course, your strengths. The idea is to fine-tune what’s working and remove what systematically gets in your way.
I promise to clients is to operate the best coaching technics ensuring efficiency and immediate wins to demonstrate the power of brilliant coaching. They are only bad coaches, no bad clients. For this reason, I commit to improve my coaching technics to remain the best coach continuously.
Are you ready to be ahead of the curve? As I’m here to make it happen for you.


Aline Declercq

What’s brought me to coaching?
My personal journey and the different obstacles I had to overcome is probably where it started and where I see the most learning. Nothing groundbreaking here, years ago, I decided to pay attention to the significant or less significant ‘turns’ I took to get to where I am today. I enjoyed the reflection and realised that I had a lot more power than I initially thought. I first translated it into guiding my team in the corporate world - with the idea of making them gain a few years on the process. Discovering the true meaning of performance. So rewarding to see people reach goals they nearly gave up on. It can take a few sessions to fully appreciate the power you have on what surrounds you, however, once you’re there, nothing can stop you. You want more - always more and you get it because you are the one with full control of the outcome you want to see. Secondly, I don’t take for granted any of the words clients use during our sessions. These words communicate a feeling or energy that would usually be ignored in casual conversations.
It takes a lot of practice and expertise to find the ‘stone’ that has so far been unturned to clear the way.
I love the relief it creates for my clients and I will never get enough of it.

Finally, my time in the corporate world, made me realise that there was a huge gap between expectations and job specs, which is creating anxiety for employees with not enough resources to fill the gap.
Once again working harder is not sustainable for long and certainly not what life should be about. Coaching is the most effective answer to fill the gap effectively so here I am.

What to expect

My clients are always in control of their coaching experience. Once we agreed, we’re a great team, we start by one session at the time and then review along the way. No upfront commitment if you don’t want to.


The IAFPC&M fully accredits me as a performance coach as I believe coaching must be practised seriously to offer the best result and sustain its growing reputation. I don’t expect any less from my coaches.


Many of my clients are new to coaching when they first contact me, so in this section, I cover the first questions you might have in mind to encourage you to reach out and ask more details directly to me, so do not hesitate.

Leverage Your Worth