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Doing a great job is not enough
Leverage your corporate career through
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At your level, doing a great job is not enough to get the career you deserve.
The most successful strategy is to invest in your Personal Brand and start anticipating what’s coming next. Be at least five steps ahead.
You’re here, so you understand that you have reached the level where doing a great job, is not enough anymore, to get promoted and to achieve the career that you deserve.
I call the ‘thing’ that gets in the way of high achievers like you, achieving your potential, ‘Internal Politics’.
Is the internal politics either sucking the energy out of your day at work, without you going anywhere, or not making sense, therefore, slowing your progression down?
Yes, well in both cases, what you need is support before you lose confidence in yourself and start doubting your abilities. The good news is that’s where I will assist you.


Aline Declercq

Let’s start with what’s brought me into coaching. Backing colleagues always came naturally to me especially when they were going through challenging times at work and others would turn their back on them (consciously or not). After reflecting on the reasons why, two things came to my mind, the first one being that “fairness” is one of my core values and the second is that I had my fair share of internal politics to deal with, directly and indirectly, during my time in the corporate world so I understood what they were going through. I’m proud to say that I have 15+ years of expertise in personal branding, navigating the corporate world and supporting clients and coworkers.

The reason behind getting curious about corporate politics, rather than being oblivious to it, is that as an ambitious professional I was determined to understand what it takes to reach the next level and that in turn meant that I had to figure out what the rules of the game were. I give everything I have to succeed therefore when someone deliberately throws a spanner in the works; I am immediately on a mission to turn the situation to my advantage. Meanwhile, this quote comes to my mind: “Be aware who you meet on the way up as they’ll be met on the way down.” This quote highlights the fact that you have to be strategic and careful when you navigate the corporate world: be smart, not vicious or greedy, as you’ll pay for it at the end.


By investing in yourself, you’re grabbing the best opportunity to meet your expectations! Because you know what you wish to achieve and where you want to get to You’ll design your coaching program by choosing the length of your assignment and frequency of your sessions.


Fully qualified Coach accredited by the IAFPC&M, the preferred Accreditation Board for Coaches, Mentors, Training organisations, and Clients. Also accredited member of the ICF to show my commitment to continually develop as a professional coach.


My recipe for your coaching success is: confidentiality, trust, honesty, and commitment. In this section, I aim to answer some of the first questions that you may have before contacting me.

Time to leverage your worth!