01 Feb 2018

Would you question an athlete?

Would you question an athlete?

I wish everybody (yes every single person) could experience coaching to realise the power of having someone 100% believing in you. When I say ‘power’ I mean the power to make you realise that there is no limit to what you can achieve as long as it is what you wish. It’s not a myth or a story you read about on social media. Coaching ambitious people is impressive and rewarding as you already have the main ingredients: the motivation and willingness to succeed. If you are ambitious, wait no further get coached, you’ll gain precious time and more.

Think about it, would you question an athlete working with his/her coach to smash records continually? Now that I have discovered coaching and specialised in it, I appreciate how painful it is for my clients to get to the top without a coach. Don’t give me wrong I know some people do, I’m just astonished they are still standing.

The question people often ask me when I say that I’m a coach specialised in business and career success, is: What type of people need a coach? My answer is always ambitious and happy people committed to getting to the top and bring their team with them.

Consequently, the next questions arise: Why only ambitious professionals? And then Why with their team? My answer usually starts with: Have you noticed how lonely the top is? As a leader, it is challenging to find someone willing to offer honest and constructive feedback to you. Someone ready to help you uncover your blind spots and cut through the everyday noise filling up your desk. Not having an honest opinion to hand when you need it is tough when you think about it. Who do you bounce ideas at or just spend time with to review your strategy or next turn in business without wondering if the person opposite you is genuinely listening?

Your coach supports you no matter what, with a non-judgemental attitude that our profession and integrity imply. Your coach believes more in you than yourself and this powerful experience allows you to realise your extraordinary potential while in your coach’s the safe hands.

For this reason, I recommend you to invest in your coach only once you know you will win together (use your gut feeling you’ll understand). With your coach, you must feel safe, comfortable and in a trusted relationship to experience result promptly.

The second point raised above is: Why with their team? I answer with another question, apologies: How possible is it for a leader to be successful if she or he is ready to leave the team behind? Thankfully, more and more often studies recommend businesses to look after their employees, at all levels, to ensure thriving companies. Guess what? These employees are the same people led by leaders who have a coach.

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