My recipe for your success is confidentiality, trust, honesty and commitment.

To start, what is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that is used to empower individuals and help them reach their goals, desires or objectives; it is a structured conversation between the Coach and the Client. A discussion started with the end in mind. During a coaching session, your coach will walk by your side to help you to reach your ultimate goal and aspirations. They will listen to you, ask questions, find out what your challenges are and inspire you to achieve that end goal.
You will be encouraged to make decisions and take responsibility for these decisions.

How does coaching work?

Different coaches use different models to structure their sessions. A popular model is the GROW model which is an acronym for the areas explored, Goals, Reality, Options and Way forward.
This model keeps you moving forward towards your goal. Your coach will be asking you questions, listening to your responses, challenging you while remaining non-judgemental regarding the details and not offering you any advice. What will happen during a coaching session? 
Coaching is predominantly carried out over the telephone/SKYPE or face to face. The usual procedure is that the client will contact the coach after arranging a convenient time and date. You will be guided through a 6-point process: - Review the previous session and the actions that you completed; - Set the goal for that session; - Consider where you are at the present moment with this goal; - Consider your options in meeting this goal; - Agree on some actions; - Summarise the session before completing the session; Each session will be for (30 min or 50 min depending on what has been agreed beforehand). The coach will manage the timing of the session and ensure you gain full value from the session.

What coaching is not? 
Coaching is not about your coach giving you suggestions or advice. They are not mentoring or counselling you.

In the event, you commence a series of coaching sessions, and it is deemed that coaching is not the correct support mechanism for you at this moment in time, this will be discussed with you directly to find a suitable solution to support your onward journey.

Who else will know what has been said?

A coaching session is entirely confidential. I agree and comply with the Coaching Code of Conduct and only in extreme circumstances will this confidence be breached. This includes the intent to cause harm to yourself or others or criminal acts.

What does the coach need from me during a session?

To make sure that your time is well spent, you are expected to come to the session fully prepared and with a goal or aspiration in mind that you would like to work towards.
 Preparation is essential for the coaching session so you are encouraged to spend 10 minutes before the session taking yourself to an environment where you will not be disturbed, with a drink and feeling refreshed to relax before the start of the session. You will also need to ensure that you have a pen and paper to hand and any other items that you may think will be useful such as a diary.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Do you feel that you’re not reaching full potential or/and merely unfulfilled? Is there a gap between where you are now and where you should be? Do you sometimes feel you don’t have the skills, resources or confidence to get something complete?
Do you feel stuck and put off making decisions or fail to stick to those choices you have made? Are you ready to entertain new and fresh ideas?
Are you willing to be accountable for what you desire?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, then coaching can most definitely support you to become a better version of you.

I want to start coaching now. What do I do?

Contact me by clicking the button below, and we will organise space and time where you can ask me your questions and explore my coaching. I will also send you a questionnaire which is all about YOU to fill in to get you started promptly.


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