01 Jul 2020

Empower Your Life: Taking Charge of Your Power

Empower Your Life: Taking Charge of Your Power

“They only have power if you give it to them!” This empowering quote, shared by my coach during one of my first sessions, has been one of the game-changers in my personal development journey and the way I approach discomfort. I’m eager to share this revelation with you because it has truly elevated my perspective and allowed me to overcome a significant blocker that had been holding me back.

In our coaching session, we delved into one of my blockers, a limiting belief that had its roots in my past interactions with an old boss. I expressed my discomfort about sharing my thoughts on LinkedIn, fearing potential ridicule from this former boss and others.

In response, my coach dropped a truth bomb that resonated deeply: “Do you realize this guy only has the power you give him?” The impact of this statement hit me like a revelation. Suddenly, I understood that I was the one fueling this blocker, and as a result, I also held the key to the solution.

The realisation that I had assigned responsibility to someone else for my own limitation was a powerful wake-up call. It dawned on me that by acknowledging my role in creating this barrier, I gained the ability to dismantle it. The power to change this belief and make it vanish was in my hands.

What I hadn’t grasped before was that by envisioning my old boss laughing at me, I was inadvertently making it happen through the potent force of visualisation. Our minds are incredibly influential, and negative thoughts, if left unchecked, can have a lasting impact on our actions and well-being. The silent weight of these thoughts often goes unnoticed until addressed, whether through self-reflection or with the help of a trusted coach.

It was time for me to stop carrying the weight of this unkind perception with me. I decided not to grant him any more power over my life. The mantra, “He only has power if I give it to him, and I don’t want to give him any power” became my guiding light. As expected, it worked wonders, and I could feel the anxiety ball in my heart dissipating gradually, allowing me to take bold steps for my business without unnecessary hindrances.

While penning down this post, I experienced a newfound sense of liberation. It’s incredible how expressing these thoughts and experiences can lift a weight off your shoulders. I concluded the writing feeling lighter and more empowered than when I began.

Acknowledging how easy it is to create blockers seemingly out of nothing compared to the effort required to shake them off. These blockers will become deeply anchored over time, underscoring the importance of addressing them early on in your personal and professional development journey. Recognising that coaching is a powerful tool in removing the weight of these blockers. Seeking the guidance of a coach will be instrumental in navigating and dismantling these obstacles before they become heavier burdens. Even if you are an established coach, the efficiency of coaching yourself may have its limits. An external perspective and support system are invaluable in gaining fresh insights and overcoming personal hurdles.

As I invite you to consider your own journey, remember that the power to shape your narrative lies within you. If you discover or sense a blocker emerging, don’t hesitate to seek support. Executive coaching has been transformative for me and all my clients, this is the reason why I am eager to extend that transformative experience to many more.

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