Elevate Your Edge:
Cultivating Confidence, Navigating Risks with Excellence.



An accomplished executive coach with extensive experience guiding and empowering
decision-makers to achieve striking results.

Aline’s expertise lies in cultivating a ‘risk-taking’ mindset for high-profile CEOs, CIOs and PMs, devising strategies to overcome setbacks, refining investment processes, teaching stress management, optimizing time efficiency, and helping clients handle challenging internal work dynamics and competing interests.

Her coaching revolves around being a supportive ally, identifying blind spots and breaking mental barriers that hinder growth. Her style is direct and efficient, enabling clients to experience positive, lasting changes as early as the first session.

Beyond her recognition as a reputable fund management coach, Aline is also a certified anxiety coach, enhancing her ability to address the diverse challenges her clients face. Her work champions mental and physical health for greater professional success and navigating life changes, such as returning to work.

My clientele extends globally to high-profile individuals within Fund Management, along with top CEOs and Lawyers. Her dedication and transformative impact have earned her a reputation as the “secret weapon” of many long-term clients who continue to benefit from her guidance.

About Me

Aline Declercq

My professional and personal journey brought me to coaching, and overcoming challenges linked to my mindset is where it all started.

I began to reflect and pay attention to the impact my choices had on the outcomes and noticed a range of blind spots.

Noticing my weaknesses allowed me to initiate a deeper reflection and have more power in crafting my path ahead.

I first translated these learnings into guiding my team and peers in the private sector. I discovered the meaning I wanted to give to Performance and wanted to help others find theirs.
When I reached the point in my life

where I thought, “What’s next?”

I decided it was time to listen to what I always wanted:

More satisfaction, reward, and a sense of accomplishment from my professional life.

I then founded my private coaching practice and the rest as they say…

I believe once you realise you’re accountable for your contentment, it’s your duty to grow and develop to maximise your unique life.
My mantra is ‘Control the only thing you have control of – Yourself.’ Choose to get back in the driving seat, decide where you want to go, reflect on what you require – and go get it!

At the start

Want to get the best results from your coaching journey? Remaining in control of your decisions will help you get there. As your coach, I’ll guide and get the best out of you through my made-to-measure coaching models and technics without interfering negatively. Each coaching session is 100% tailored to your requirements.


I’m an IAPC&M Accredited Coach qualified with Distinction from the TCA, recognised by the ICF as the main coaching academy. I also believe that, like in any profession, continually developing and updating skills is essential; therefore, I also recently qualified as an executive coach and started my NLP training.


Have a burning question? Here’s the answer to the ones I’m asked most. But if you have anything else to ask or just need some clarification, I’m always on hand to help to make the next step towards your coaching journey pleasant and rewarding.

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